2016 Gift of Wisdom Award Winner

Congratulations to Joyce B. Miles, recipient of the Women for Florida State University’s 2016 Gift of Wisdom Award. Miles received a Master of Science in Vocational Education from the Florida State University College of Education.

President of her own consulting and training company, Joyce B. Miles & Associates, Miles has been a leader promoting systemic change in the educational arena to prepare for the 21st century workplace. She has presented locally, statewide and nationally to more than 5,000 participants and has coauthored a careers textbook for use in secondary family and consumer sciences classes.

“Joyce Miles is one of those extraordinary individuals who makes a difference and leaves a legacy wherever she goes,” recounts College of Health and Human Sciences Dean Dr. Billie Collier. “She was one of the first people to inspire me with the FSU spirit when I arrived as a new dean. It wasn’t an empty spirit, but a voice and a commitment to our institution’s place in the education of Floridians, especially young women. Joyce translated that commitment into actions for the betterment of FSU, and what was special to me was her unflagging work for the human sciences, both at FSU and nationally.”

A longtime member of the American Association of Family and Consumer Sciences, Miles is highly regarded for her energy and innovation. She moved the organization forward in development and fundraising and was the force behind the AAFCS Leadership Academy, which continues to prepare young women and men for leadership roles.

When Miles was named a member of the Florida State University Foundation Board of Trustees, she knew exactly what her service project would be. She wanted to create a new organization within FSU that would be uniquely for women who have a connection to Florida State. Miles understood that women give when they have passion and purpose. As a member of the Women of Purdue, she had personally witnessed what can happen when a university acknowledges the impact of women who are encouraged to participate. What better place to make this happen than at the university formerly known as the Florida State College for Women!

"I was the fortunate one who was asked to work with Joyce Miles to develop a new support group within the FSU Foundation designed uniquely for women,” Pat Ramsey, FSU staff member recalls. “I had never met the new FSU Foundation Trustee. Before our introductory lunch was over, I knew Joyce Miles possessed the wisdom, passion, energy and leadership needed to successfully guide this new endeavor that will benefit Florida State University and the women who love her for years to come. At the end of our afternoon of planning, this stranger became my partner, my mentor, and I now call her my friend.”

The blueprint of what was to become The Women for FSU was developed on the deck of her beautiful home overlooking the mountains of Maggie Valley, N.C. The first organizational meeting in 2008 was hosted by First Lady Virginia Wetherell, facilitated by Miles, and attended by more than 70 enthusiastic women. They became the Founding Members of The Women for FSU.

“We owe our own Joyce Berry Miles much for dreaming the incredible dream of creating a new organization within Florida State University that would be uniquely for women who have a connection to the University,” Fanchon F. Funk stated in her nomination letter. “Joyce understood that women give when they have passion and purpose. The Women for FSU provides that purpose.

A photo of Joyce Miles wearing a black jacket, smiling, next to a man wearing a black suit
Joyce Miles