Why Women Give

Having the facts on women as philanthropists is one thing, but understanding why they give is quite another. In their book Reinventing Fundraising: Realizing the Potential of Women's Philanthropy (Jossey-Bass Publishers 1995), Sondra Shaw-Hardy and Martha Taylor identified what they call the "six C’s" for why women give:

  • Create new solutions to problems; be entrepreneurial through their philanthropy
  • Change things for the better; make a difference
  • Commit through volunteerism to the organizations and institutions whose vision they share; often give to organizations to which they have volunteered
  • Connect with the human face their gift affects; build a partnership with people connected with the project they fund
  • Collaborate with others—often other women—as part of a larger effort; seek to avoid duplication, competition and waste
  • Celebrate their accomplishments; have fun together; enjoy the deeper meaning and satisfaction of their philanthropy

Recently, we’ve noticed that there have been some changes in women’s giving—resulting in the creation of three final C’s for why women give. Women began to recognize their capacity to give, displaying a new motivation for giving. Women are:

  • Taking control of their lives, their finances and their philanthropy
  • Gaining confidence in becoming philanthropic leaders
  • Having the courage to challenge the old ways of doing things and taking risks with their giving to bring about change

To learn more about how women are shaping philanthropy, not just at Florida State but around the globe, check out A Plan of One’s Own: A Woman’s Guide to Philanthropy from New Ventures in Philanthropy.

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