2019 Winter Newsletter

Gold script text reading "Backstage Pass, to the very best of Florida State 2020" on a garnet background

Backstage Pass to the Very Best of Florida State 2020

By: Laura Glenn

Join us at Backstage Pass to the Very Best of Florida State 2020!

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Recognizing Women in Philanthropy

By: Chelsea Shackelford

Women for Florida State University empowers and cultivates female philanthropists to make a difference in the future generation of Seminoles.

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W4FSU Regional Roundup

By: W4FSU Regional Liaisons

Catch up on their recent events, initiatives and other updates.

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W4FSU Welcomes New Leadership

By: Laura Glenn

W4FSU welcomes new members of the Executive Committee for 2020.

A headshot of Tena Pate


I had the pleasure of shadowing Women for Florida State University Immediate Past Chair Cassandra Rayne Gross, leaving me in awe and filled with great respect for her leadership. Cassandra has positioned us well, and I am thrilled to be able to walk in her footsteps.

There is nothing like the excitement and fulfillment that comes from achieving a goal and seeing a dream realized, and W4FSU has set and reached many goals throughout the years. One of President John Thrasher’s goals was for FSU to be named as a Top 25 public university, and this past September, he announced U.S. News & World Report ranked Florida State at No. 18. Our University is now No. 18 among national public universities! He not only achieved his goal of leading FSU to the Top 25 but celebrated a historic rise to join the nation’s Top 20.

My dream and vision for W4FSU over the next two years is also large. I have charged the Executive Committee to dream big, plan for even greater philanthropic involvement and all it may bring, greater impact, greater membership, greater participation and yes, even “greater” fun.

Our journey to achieving our goals promises to be an exciting one, and I am excited to be on this journey with you.



Tena Pate's signature

Tena Pate
Chair, Women for FSU