Strategizing for Success

By: Shenifa Tate

Formulating a strategy for success is not an easy task. If done well and collaboratively, a thoughtful plan can propel an organization to a higher level of impact and greater service.

The Women for FSU Executive Board convene annually for an in-depth strategic planning session with the intention of sustaining and strengthening the organization. As the Strategic Planning Committee Chair, I set the expectation to dream big but accompany that with a plan to allow our dreams to become a reality.

After assessing our successes, we analyzed strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats. The common exercise of completing a SWOT analysis usually reveals shared concerns and potential unchartered paths.

The strategic plan helps us chart steps to greatness with the hope more women will take this journey with us. The challenge is synthesizing the grand ideas into measurable organizational goals and objectives. As a guide, we referred to our mission and the three pillars within—engagement, investment and celebration.

I. Mission

The Women for Florida State University exists to engage women who have a passion for FSU by fostering friendship and community; to educate women on the different ways to invest in our University; and to celebrate women who serve as mentors and role models and make a difference in other women’s lives.

II. Goals

Engage: To provide structured opportunities that add value to members and affiliates.
Invest: To demonstrate sustainable accountability for both financial well-being and philanthropic endeavors.
Celebrate: To communicate and celebrate with all stakeholders the depth and breadth of our membership, accomplishments and projected future needs.

III. Committee Objectives

Each committee shall have as an objective to increase and promote W4FSU’s commitment to diversity and inclusion.

  1. Increase committee membership and engagement. 2. Develop a comprehensive media strategy to timely and effectively communicate W4FSU news. 3. Evaluate communications for current suitability and effectiveness.
  1. Sustain and increase efforts to grow the endowment to become financially sustainable.
  2. Execute a project for FSU’s Great Give in alignment with organizational goals.
  3. Implement fundraising-related training for the executive committee and regional chairs.
  4. Support and enhance regional engagement in targeted cities—Tallahassee, Atlanta, Tampa and Jacksonville.
Program Planning
  1. Increase participation in Backstage Pass.
  2. Design programming to emphasize and support our philanthropic mission.
  1. Evaluate the new membership model.
  2. Sustain and increase membership.
Student Engagement
  1. Sustain and enhance curriculum and participant learning for the Women’s Leadership Institute.
  2. Develop a leadership learning opportunity to familiarize W4FSU membership with the Women’s Leadership Institute programming and purpose.
10 Year-Anniversary Task Force
Design and execute programming throughout the year in celebration of W4FSU’s 10th anniversary.