2021 Summer Newsletter

A photo of Coach Krikorian in a garnet polo, observing soccer players running on a field

Fielding National Championship-Caliber Student-Athletes

By: Melissa Powell

For women's soccer Head Coach Mark Krikorian, finding players who perform well on the field is just one piece of putting together a championship-caliber team.

A garnet and gold graphic featuring a black and white photo of a woman with short bobbed hair and white text reading "FSU Building Honor, Significant Women in University History"

FSU Buildings Honor Significant Women in University History

By: Kelsey Klopfenstein

Across Florida State University's main campus are buildings named in honor of women who have made significant contributions to the university.

A white, garnet, and gold graphic displaying a headshot of Alicia Crew and garnet text reading "Alicia Crew, Gift of Wisdom Award Recipient"

Presenting the 2021 Gift of Wisdom Award Recipient

By: Melissa Powell and FSU Foundation Communications

Alicia Crew, our 2021 recipient, has continued to support and impact women on and beyond Florida State's campus.

A garnet and gold graphic featuring the logo for FSU's Great Give 10th Anniversary

W4FSU Donors Eclipse FSU’s Great Give Goals

Melissa Powell

W4FSU is extremely grateful to those who were able to support this year's projects.

A red and garnet map of Florida, Georgia, and Alabama with five W4FSU logos marking certain cities

W4FSU Regional Update

By: Chelsea Shackelford

Catch up on our recent virtual events, initiatives and other updates.

A headshot of Berneice Cox


On behalf of Women for Florida State University, I would like to take this opportunity to say a special thank you to Tena Pate. Over the past two years, Tena's guidance has been remarkable—leading us through the COVID-19 pandemic with vision, impact and grace that has allowed us to continue our work through a virtual lens. I have great respect for her leadership and am honored to be able to walk in her footsteps. 

During the pandemic, we learned new ways to communicate and engage our members and potential members. I look forward to empowering the W4FSU Executive Committee to impart an even more significant impact on our communities as we continue to engage both in-person and virtually with new opportunities that will expand our reach and involvement. As we look forward, our team will be focusing on increasing our membership and value, planning for a unique experience at Backstage Pass to the Very Best of Florida State and much more.

Our path forward is an exciting one, and I am thrilled to be a part of the team!

All the best,

Berneice Cox's signature

Berneice Cox
Chair, Women for FSU